Chairman’s Message

The best investment that parents can make in their children’s lives is giving them the best possible education. This is no cliché. I firmly believe in such an investment because I was – and continue to be – the beneficiary of the investment that my own parents made in ensuring that I received a very good education back home in India.

And the best gift that young people can give to their parents for their sacrifices in ensuring them a good education is to make proper use of this learning. Again, this is no cliché. In this age of high-velocity connectivity and global competition, a good education is not only a very prized asset; it is a powerful tool with which to tackle the increasingly tough demands of the international economy.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that in the short time that it would take you to read this message, a dozen new technological advances are occurring somewhere that will eventually affect all our lives. Both parents and their children need to be prepared for changes that they might not even be able to imagine right now.

But education helps us all in amplifying our collective imagination. Education helps us better prepare for the many unknowns that surely lie before us – whether in medicine, technology, the physical sciences, any field that you might care to name.

So this is what I say to parents at our schools, indeed everywhere: Give your children the best education that is possible. This is what I say to students: Make the best use of your education and this is what we impart to our students in ADIS.

You will not regret these actions. You don’t want to look back a decade – or less – from now and wish that you’d done better. What you want to be able to reassure yourselves is that your education drove your ambition, that it enabled you to make major contributions to build better societies and stronger family lives.

I wish you well. I am confident in your future, I am confident that your education will spur you on to success in life.