Welcome Back To School

Dear students and teachers welcome back to school!!
Hope all of you had a refreshing summer break and enjoyed with your loved ones.
As teachers and parents we know that it is hard to bring back the mood of the students from their irregular schedule…waking up late, surfing on the internet, playing, swimming, e- chatting etc into a regular and structured activities of student life. This aspect needs the attention of all parents and teachers to attract the thought process of the students in enhancing their skills and motivating them to achieve better learning experience. One must understand that we are not in the beginning of a new term but towards the end of Semester One. This requires the cooperation and support of parents to engage the students in fruitful activities at home to promote learning. Every parent is requested to oversee that every child engages in reading, writing, completing assignments and projects and submitting on time for moderation. It is also important that they have a regular study hour and congenial environment at home. This would help the students to expound concentration. As the Principal of the school, I also request my students to be regular with their attendance. Research has proved that regular attendance enriches ones ability of understanding in ordered classroom teaching. You are requested to refrain from applying for long leave due to social functions in your home country or elsewhere as it takes away the interest of the students from critical learning environment. At the same time it is important for parents to ensure that they pack healthy food for breakfast and lunch for their wards. We discourage late arrivals and requests for early dismissal. Kindly take all medical and dental appointments after school hours. The school website is fully functional. All circulars, assignments, notes and grades will be uploaded on the school website. To continue as a sustainable school all parents are requested to upload the leave application of their wards on the school portal. It is our pleasure to inform you that the school will be starting the canteen operations from October 2016 onwards. The detailed set of menu will be available to you very shortly on the school portal. The date sheet of Semester One 2016 has been uploaded and the syllabus will be available on the personal portal of every student. We are also glad to inform you that we now have a new swimming coach, Mr. Vikesh Kumar who will be training our boys from this semester onwards. Every parent is again requested to regularly check the School Diary and attend the upcoming Parent Teachers’ Meeting. Hope that Inquiry based learning and various inter house activities that have also been planned for students will make the school life of the students fun filled and interesting. As the summative assessment are soon approaching, I request all parents to encourage their wards to keep up with their studies. All children are angels with their own individual talents, therefore we must remember that the target is not to get an “A” or A+” grade, the target is to get a respectable grade. Wish each one of you the very best!!