I welcome you all on-board, the new and existing students and parents of ADIS, Branch-1 for the new academic session 2020-2021. All must be missing your regular work and lifestyle. In fact, I miss our second home “OUR SCHOOL” and most you children, as much as you all miss School, teachers and friends.
I long for the noise in the corridor, the movement in the playground, the small talks of yours in the classroom, the hustle and bustle during dispersal. Life has taken a sudden dramatic turn in the event of the present crisis. It is not the time to blame anyone, it is the time “to be together”. It is the time to “reflect” upon our past actions which may help us to develop ourselves as better human beings with strong moral values of “sharing, caring, respect, honesty & humility”. It is the time to address all our concerns and weaknesses in order to evolve ourselves wiser to face the challenges of the present and future times.
However, our learning cannot stop. Learning has no boundaries. We learn from our actions, events and experiences.
Our formal learning will soon begin. For the time being, till the school reopens, we will be available to you through “Distance Learning”. This is something new for you as well as for us. In our day to day life, we frequently go online to get variety of information on various subjects, project work or assignments. However, we have never relied completely to learn from e-platforms. This challenge has evolved us to learn varied strategies to face the crisis.
Students, your teachers are working really hard, to reach you through well prepared materials for learning. But remember, you have to be very “responsible students” and “strive to make the best use of time”.
Remember, as “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, the vice-versa is also true. We want you to come back to school, confident and well informed.


I wish all my students the very best of luck!