The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of students and staff and to provide guidance on the immediate actions to take under certain incidents affecting students. The policy is based on the principle of ‘acceptable behaviour, with rules to ensure safety and a spirit of co-operation within a large community.


In order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, positive behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary.



  • Exert utmost effort to develop his/her potentials in order that s/he may become an asset to his/her family, school and society;
  • Uphold the academic integrity of the school, endeavour to achieve academic excellence, and abide by the rules and regulations governing his/her academic responsibilities and moral integrity;
  • Promote and maintain peace and tranquility of the school by observing the rules of discipline and by striving to develop a harmonious relationship with fellow students, teachers and academic staff, and other school personnel;
  • Exercise his/her rights responsibly in the knowledge that s/he is answerable for any infringement or violation of the public welfare and of the rights of others;
  • Strive to lead an upright, virtuous and useful life;
  • Love, respect and obey his/her parents, and cooperate with them to maintain the family solidarity;
  • Respect the customs and traditions of people, the duly constituted authorities, the laws of the country and the principles of democracy;
  • Help in the observance and exercise of individual and social rights, the strengthening of freedom everywhere, the fostering of cooperation among nations in the pursuit of progress, prosperity and world peace; and
  • Respect and cooperate with teachers, fellow students and university authorities in the attainment and preservation of order in the university and the society.



Bullying hurts. No one deserves to be a victim of bullying. Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. Students who bully need to learn different ways of behaving. We have a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to issues of bullying.
To establish a climate in which students who are bullied, or think another student is being bullied, can speak freely to an appropriate staff member with the full knowledge that they will be listened to and receive prompt, appropriate and sensitive response.
To create a school community where bullying is recognized as unacceptable and where all students feel valued, secure and happy.