Under no circumstances, retest will be conducted and the students may not be eligible for academic proficiency. If a child is absent for a cycle or periodic test/ exam for any reason except for medical or unforeseen circumstances, he/she will be marked zero. It is mandatory for students to have their test notebooks on the day of the test, failing which they will be awarded Zero.

The dates of the cycle or periodic tests are subject to change depending upon the Annual day, Sports day and any other unforeseen public holidays.


The Academic year will be divided into three terms. The nature of assessment is continuous evaluation on specific aspects of learning. Hence regular attendance is a mandatory requirement.


It is a continuous evaluation. There will be formal and informal assessments. The assessment will be broadly classified into two terms. There will be four cycle tests and two term examinations in an academic year. The distribution of marks for calculating the aggregate for Classes I to V:

  • All four-cycle tests: 20% weightage (Term I – 10 % & Term II – 10 %)
  • Subject Enrichment Activities: 20% Weightage (Term I- 10 % & Term II- 10 %)
  • Half- Yearly Exam: 30% Weightage
  • End of the year Exam : 30% weightage
  • Grammar topics of languages (English /Hindi /Arabic) taught in the primary classes will be repeated in Final Exam even if it is completed in the half-yearly exam. In Mathematics, important topics of Term I will be included in Final Exam.
  • The cycle test schedule is printed in the school diary. 

The Students will be graded on an eight-point grading scale for Scholastic areas and Co-Scholastic Activities will be graded on a five-point grading scale (A+ to D). 


  • Term I: 20 marks periodic assessment (5% from Term 1) +80 marks for Half Yearly Exam
  • Term II: 20 marks periodic assessment (5% from Term 2) +80 marks for Annual Exam
  • Periodic assessments include Subject Enrichment activity which is for 10 marks, Short Tests and Notebook/ Assignment submission which is also for 5 marks (Portfolio).
  • Students will be graded in 8-point grading scale. Marks and grades both will be awarded for individual subjects.
  • The Co-Scholastic Activities such as Work Education, Art Education and Health and Physical Education for Grades VI -VIII will be graded on a five-point grading scale. (A+ to D)
  • Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behavior, Values) will be graded by the class teacher on a three-point scale (A to C)
  • The entire grammar lessons of the First and Second languages and important chapters of Mathematics and Science will be included in the Annual Examination.
  • For more information, kindly refer to the CBSE circular available on



There is no semester system.

Annual Examination will take place at the end of the session covering the complete syllabus for Grades IX and Grade X.

  • Grade IX –The Annual examination in March will be internal and will include the entire syllabus.
  • Grade X-CBSE board examination



  • Cycle tests – 3 cycle tests (10%)
  • Pre -Term: 10%
  • Half yearly Exam: 30%
  • Final Exam: 50 %


Assessment will be done in three categories: (Grades IX &X)

I. Scholastic Area:  Total 100 marks
  • Students will be graded in 8-point grading scale. Marks and grades both will be awarded for individual subjects.
  • Final Result will comprise the marks of Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class X)-80 marks and Internal Assessment -20 marks.
  • The distribution of marks: 80% Exam + 20% (Internal assessment). The Annual Exam will be for 80 marks and the time duration is 3 hours.
  • Annual Examination (Board Exam for Class X) will be conducted for 80 marks in which students need to secure 33% (27 marks)
  • 20 % internal assessment: The student has to secure 33% (7 marks) out of the overall 20 marks earmarked in each subject.
  • A candidate must obtain 33 % in external and 33 % in internal assessment separately to qualify. The Aggregate should be a minimum of 40 % to qualify for the Central Board of Secondary Examination.
  • Kindly Click here to view the updated circular regarding Passing Criteria for Class X Students from 2019 Batch. 


The student’s internal assessment will be done in the following categories:

  • Periodic written tests will be conducted as below:

Thrice a year including the portions cumulatively.

10% will be taken from the periodic Tests conducted in the academic year.

  • Notebook submission/ Portfolio: 5 marks (This will cover Regularity, Assignment Completion, Neatness and Upkeep of notebook)
  • Subject Enrichment Activity: 5 marks


They are subject-specific application activities aimed at enrichment of understanding and skill development.

*For more information kindly refer to the CBSE Circular available on  

II. Co-Scholastic Activities:

The co-scholastic activities such as Work Education, Art Education, and Health and Physical Education for Grade IX and X will be graded on a 5-point grading scale (A to E)

III. Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behavior, Values):

Discipline: Discipline significantly impacts career shaping and it helps build character. Sincerity, good behaviour, and values develop strength and foster unity and cooperation. It will be graded by the class teacher on a five-point scale (A to E)